Finishing for Interiors

Interior Applications Require Less Protection

Western Red Cedar used indoors for panelling, posts, beams and joinery requires less protection than exterior siding, trim and decks and consequently different types of finishes are used.

The exception to this general rule is when the Western Red Cedar may be subjected to high moisture levels, for example in bathrooms. In such situations, finishes should be exterior grade, and have good resistance to moisture. Always ensure that the coating is recommended for interior use.

Most people selecting Western Red Cedar for use indoors will want to retain its natural appearance. This is best achieved using transparent finishes such as waxes, shellac and other clear film forming finishes.

These “interior” finishes provide some protection to the cedar from minor abrasion and liquids (less so with wax) and make cleaning easier.

For example: bleach, oils, semi-transparent and solid body stains and opaque finishes can be used to change the wood’s appearance to complement a decorative theme.

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Note: We do not stock finishing products. There are many expert suppliers who can give you more detailed advice on what finish is the right one for you.